Rolls, Cartwheels and Roundoffs…

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Before I started gymnastics, I kind of knew what a roll was, cartwheels I vaguely remembered from my school days and I had no idea what a round off was.   After attending the first gymnastics group I joined for a few months, I can’t say I knew much more about them and couldn’t really do them any better than what I started off with.

Five weeks into the new group, and I have learned more than what I did in many months at another.   Lesson?  Shop around – some places are better than others.

So what have I learned?

Besides working on my newly acquired fear of hurting my neck (after landing on it earlier in the year), I have learned to curl myself up more into a ball, to use my hands to hold myself off the ground as I spin and to ‘snap’.   I can now do rolls, not only on the ground, but also onto a raised mat (transition into ‘saults).

I have learned what is involved in doing a technical cartwheel.  Kicking my leg off the ground and watching different points as I turn over to encourage the flick over in the right direction – keeping legs straight.

And I now know what a round off is.   Start facing forward – into a cartwheel (sideways) and end facing backwards (looking where you came from).   It’s all about hand placement.   I can’t do this one yet.

But I am loving Gymnastics and I am overcoming my fears, so that’s great!


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