Month: November 2013

New Gymnastics Venue

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Last week my husband and I decided to go to a new gymnastics venue to see if it was any good.   I wanted something with more structure and this place had been highly recommended.   Unfortunately we didn’t choose the best night to rock up – as a crossfit group had decided that their WOD was going to be gymnastics.   The good thing about that, though, is that we got to ask the crossfit group about their training and location.

Due to the overwhelming attendance of another group, there was not a lot of attention put on us new people, so it didn’t really seem a lot different to what we were already getting.   But we decided to give it a second chance – when circumstances would be much more normal.

Oh boy! Am I glad I did.

My husband and I received 1 on 2 instruction from one of the instructors – giving me some direction, goals and focus for my gymnastics.  I was taught how to do a roll properly (instead of simply being told to  – roll, and then hoping for the best, letting my childhood memories guide me).   I was able to overcome some of the fear I had built up regarding my neck and backwards rolls.  I was informed of how to technically do a cartwheel, so that I wasn’t simply jumping in a sort of lopsided cartwheel motion.

I am so pumped to go back again now.   And what’s more, is I am also pumped to perhaps do a crossfit WOD today. (I’ve got to keep fit between gymnastics sessions)