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Out of all the fitness regimes I’ve chosen to pursue, I think I’m enjoying rock climbing the most.   It is fun, I feel as though I can change it according to my mood on the day (feeling lazy, start off easy), it challenges me (at the level I want/need) and I feel exhilarated once I’ve done.   I also love the slack lining as I can see progress every time I do it, but I think rock climbing takes the pinch.

My husband and I decided to try out a different rock climbing venue but it turned out a bit of a bust.   I enjoyed learning a new method for belaying, but found that the roping was too thick so I got more of a workout belaying than I did climbing (which was not fun) and they didn’t have any ‘easy’ walls and not a great variety of hold either (except on the bouldering wall).   I do, however, think it may be better when we improve our skills a bit more.

What I like most about our usual place, is the variety.   They have really easy climbs with easy holds, easy climbs with difficult holds, difficult climbs with easy holds and difficult climbs with difficult holds and everything in between.   They don’t have as many walls, and they’re not as tall as the other place, but I feel there is much more variety.

Tomorrow we’re going to try out yet another venue, so I’ll let you know how that turns out.   Their bouldering wall looks awesome!

Anyhow, as part of trying to improve our climbing skills, hubby and I have been reading a lot about it and found this good article on it.   A lot of it I already knew, but seeing pictures helps me visualise it more.   I did find the arm positioning interesting – straight arms rather than bent – like a monkey.   So I’ll be trying that in today’s session (yes I am going rock climbing twice this week – I love it that much!).


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