Family Fun on the Slackline

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2 Oct 13So today my sister came and visited with me (she lives an 8 hour drive away) and I thought I’d show her the slack line.  While she couldn’t have a go (due to a recent operation and still being in recovery), I was sure her kids would enjoy it.

So I pulled it out and had a good time strapping it to the trees without my husband (who usually does the threading and tightening).   Turns out it’s super easy and we were up and running in no time.  I jumped on first to give a demonstration to my sister and her kids and then they had a go.

2 Oct 13 c

The first to get up was my nephew, who is eleven.  He is an awesome young fella who, when focused, doesn’t give up.   It only took him a couple of turns before he started  taking a few steps.   I tell you, I wish I was still a kid – they’ve got no fear to overcome and pick up these things a lot quicker than I do (and I thought I was picking up the slack-lining really quick).

One thing I have come to really enjoy with the slack-lining is how family friendly it can be.   Because the trees we have found are right next to the playground, it’s easy to set up and then let the kids run around while we get our exercise – while keeping an eye on them.   Seeing Mum and Dad having a go also helps motivate them and even my two little ones want to give it a go.   You can see in this last picture my son (who is aged six) having a casual stroll along the line, with my four year old daughter waiting to have a go.

So far, we’ve been slack-lining for less than two weeks – going at least 2-3 times each week and I can’t fault it as a fun exercise.   The only issue I might have with it, is I don’t think it’ll be safe to do in the rain.   I don’t know, maybe I’ll have to try it one day?

2 Oct 13 d


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