Driving me up the wall.

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100_9282 Last year I was introduced to rock climbing, and from then on I was hooked.   At that time, I was not much into keeping fit at all, so it was a surprise to find something that I enjoyed doing; especially as it was something that took effort too!   I was so hooked, that when scoopon had a deal at my local rock climbing place, I snapped it up and bought a few lots of the deal.   I intended on going every second weekend.  But, alas, being the lazy person I was, it wasn’t hard to find other things that took priority over exercise (no matter how much I enjoyed it), and the tickets were almost completely wasted, if it weren’t for a friend’s son wanting to do rock climbing for his birthday and her buying them all off me for what I paid for them – a week before they expired.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, and I was thinking about how much I enjoyed rock climbing and wanted to go again.   I suggested to my husband that we should go again, and he jumped at the thought (he is a bit of a health nut and loved the idea – also remembering how much fun it was).   This time we decided to bring our children (son aged 6 and daughter aged 4 and a half).

It was super fun, and while my son loved it, my daughter hated it (too hard and boring for her).  I was a little bored, as either my husband or I had to always belay, so I spent a lot of time watching others climb before it was my turn.   I felt like I didn’t really get to have a good go at it, so suggested we go again the next weekend, leaving my daughter at her grandparents.

So the weekend rocks up again, and we ask my son if he wants to come with us and surprisingly, he didn’t, leaving my husband and I with a full two hours of rock climbing to ourselves.   I pushed myself harder than any other time I’d been climbing and absolutely loved it.    With my appetite whet, we went again the following weekend (which happened to be yesterday).


After smashing myself on Thursday with cross-fit, I was already feeling it in my muscles, but still gave it my all.   By the end, I could barely hold my arms in the air, let alone hold myself from them, but still went one more.   While we were recuperating, we were listening to another group discuss one of the ‘number 8’ routes.   “I think it’s been numbered wrong, it’s too hard to be an eight.  The thirteen next to it was easier!”   Well, I had already done the thirteen next to it, so I was up for the challenge – despite having already fatigued my arms for the day.    After they finished trying to get to the top, we asked if we could have a go and started the ascent to the top of the wall.

I will have to say, I agree – it did feel a bit harder than what I expected an ‘8’ to feel like, but I think that was just because it depended a lot on technique (they were not very big finger holds), so it was different.   I almost got to the top before falling off the wall, but managed to get back on and finish the route.

I’ll be back either next week, or the week after (depends on when Parkour is meeting up), to conquer it properly again!



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