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Well, I am not entirely new to cross-fit or weight training, but it has been a while. The last few months I’ve been focusing on gymnastics and the last few weeks we’ve (my husband and I) added in rock climbing. Today, I’m starting the cross-fit component of my training of the masterpiece – my body.

I’ve gone and found, which gives me the work out of the day, with today’s being;

Three rounds for time of:
Knees to elbows, 21 reps
1 1/2 pood Kettlebell swing, 21 reps
Push-ups, 21 reps
Rope climb, 3 trips
20 inch Box jump, 21 reps
Back extension, 21 reps
Walking lunge, 150 ft

• I can do the Knees to elbows – well a severely modified version (I have the equipment, it’s the skill that’s lacking).
• Had to look up what pood meant (it’s a measurement for kettle bells).  I am not sure if I could lift that much, so will start off with one of the smaller Kettle bells and work up from there.
• Push-ups will be modified, I know my level here as I’ve been doing them for a couple of weeks now.  I am not at full push-up stage, but have an inclined set up.
• I don’t have a rope – but might be able to find something to use for the modified rope stuff in the video (that can be found here)
• Back extension: Might have to do this on the bed with hubby holding my legs, as I can’t see anywhere else I have suitable.
• Should have no issue with the lunges, other than space – in which I’ll go and walk outside.

So…  this is the plan for this afternoon.  I’ll record my time and post it.   Wish me luck!


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    Epic Fail? « Extracting the Warrior Within said:
    September 19, 2013 at 9:07 am

    […] I said in, this post, today would be my first day doing cross-fit.   I got the work out of the day from […]

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