Epic Fail?

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Well, when it comes to exercise, the only epic fail I can think of is not having a go.  Everything else is just a fail – or simply just painful.

As I said in, this post, today would be my first day doing cross-fit.   I got the work out of the day from crossfit.com and it was HARD.   There were three rounds, right?  Well I couldn’t even finish the second one.   But at least I tried!

• Knees to elbows:  I could barely lift my legs up, let alone to my knees.   After about 6 I was beginning to cry and I think the only reason I managed to wiggle my legs that centimeter in the direction they were supposed to go was because of my husband cheering me on.   I did two rounds of pathetic knees to elbows – full 21 sets in each before giving up.   And when I say they were pathetic, they were pathetic.  Perhaps I should get my husband to video the patheticness of them so that I can inspire all those who think they can’t do it – you have to start somewhere!

Kettlebell swing:  I thought I’d test out the kettlebells we had before starting to make sure I had the right weight.  I got 8kg kettle bell out and it felt like a good weight, but my knee stung when I tried to do the swing, so then I tried the 4kg one – same thing.  I ended up just doing the squatting motion to teach my body what to do in the hope I wouldn’t ruin my knees.   They were easy, so no real difficulties popping them out (except for ignoring the knee pain that was still there, but not as bad).   I only did the two rounds though, as I never even started the third.

• Push-ups:  I started off doing these the way I’ve been practicing the last few weeks, with my hands at about waist height on the dip bars attached to our squat rack.   I got about 10 out in the first set, before I had to finish them off against the wall.  Second round I only got four out before reacquainting myself with the wall.    I was a bit disappointed, with having doing these daily I thought I would have done better.

• Rope climb:  I really enjoyed doing the modified rope climb.   We found some rope that we use for tying up our trailer when picking up goods and braided it together to make it thick enough and tie it around the bar on our squat rack.   I did the modified version of the rope climb, where I started lying on the ground and used my feet as a pivot point, keeping my body planked.   It was difficult, but about my skill level.  However, I could only do the two of three reps on my second round before I completely died in a heap and gave up.

• Box jump:  Okay, I couldn’t find a box that was appropriate so used the coffee table (our table is a very solid timber) to do this.  I started with the double jump, but found it too jarring, so did the step-up instead.   I finished the first round.   I did try to continue after the rope climb on the second round, did two steps and couldn’t keep going.

• Back extension:  Did this on the bed, like I said, with hubby holding my feet.   It seemed easy enough at first, but by about rep 15 my back started spasming.   It was okay though, as I got the 21 out and was beginning to feel pumped for the second round.    After bombing out on the rope and box jump though, the thought of even trying made me feel sick, so I didn’t.

• Walking lunge:  Unfortunately I chose to skip this exercise.  On round one I did about 5 steps, but my knee felt like it was going to pop out of the skin and collapse on me, and that was after I strapped it up.   I think I’m going to have to have a look into that.

So the end result?
1 3/4 rounds in 21 minutes and 18 second


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    […] burst out laughing when I pulled this card out for the card of the day.  I had just finished my workout and very much was feeling defeated.    In fact I was feeling a bit of a failure and while I tried […]

    […] burst out laughing when I pulled this card out for the card of the day.  I had just finished my workout and very much was feeling defeated.    In fact I was feeling a bit of a failure and while I tried […]

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