Month: February 2013

Parkouring it.

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Well last night was my first night at adult gymnastics/parkour.   And all I am going to say is – Oww.

Well no, that’s not all I’ll say.   It was fun.   Lots of fun.   We started out doing our warm ups – a bit of cardio.  I nearly quit there and then.  Not even 2 minutes in and I was feeling puffed and all the jumping up and down made me infinitely aware of how poorly my pelvic floor muscles had become since having children.    As soon as we’d finished and everyone was distracted, I snuck off to alleviate my bladder so I wouldn’t be confronted with any embarrassment from my old age affliction.

After that we started learning how to do rolls (which, will hopefully evolve into somersaults), headstands and hand stands.   I was suitably impressed that I could do the headstand all by myself.   I haven’t done one since I was about 12, and I could hold it pretty steady – the only thing stopping me was the blood rushing to my head, making me feel like my nose had started bleeding.

The hand stands were not as impressive, although I did not collapse on my head.  I could only get to the top of the stand for a microsecond, coming back down to where I started – landing on the same leg (which ended up causing me issues).

The rolls were fun, but I need to practice getting some height on them.   We’re supposed to land on our shoulders, but I tend to always put my head down first.   It wasn’t too bad though, and I am sure I improved as the night went on.

Finally, we started jumping off the mini trampoline to try and end up in a roll.  We had to first jump onto the trampoline, land on our feet on the mat and allow the momentum to help turn us.   Only I jumped onto the trampoline, landed on the foot I happened to be landing on all night (as I mentioned in the hand stands) and collapsed.

I pulled my calf muscle.   But I still pushed on, doing some of the activities on the rings (that did not involve me using my calf).   All in all I had a great time.   One of my main goals of the class is to overcome my fear of hurting myself – which will give me confidence.  And I learned last night – hurting myself wasn’t really that bad.